Trip to Shape Waterpark - (Kos Excursions)

Cas H  (14 August 2006)         

as i heard in kos shape waterpark was illegal, thats why they shut it down!!!

Kos Airport - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Cas H           

Come on people. it is just an Airport in as small island of Greece. Its perfect and the size is normal for a small island!! Think about other airports e.g. UK??

Kosmar - (Tour Operators on Kos)

Cas H           

Why are people too thick to realise that when you book your holiday, the flights change becasue of the airport, not the tour operator. The brochure clearly says that times in brochures are estimated from the previous years flights and this is inevitable becasue the airports do not give the flight times to the airlines until a later date?You can't complain about something which is out of the hands of the tour operators!!!

agree with nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny Days Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Tingaki)

Cas H           

click to enlarge little shadow on the sofa!!!!