Exchange Rates on Kos

Lynne G


Please can anyone tell me the exchange rate in Tingaki at the moment.
Thanks in advance Lynne

Andy G

hi we have been a few times to kos  tigaki and we have found that taking sterling travelers cheques has worked out better if change at theokritous travel they are a great helpwith the best rates on offer

Matt J

I was at Tingaki 4th July to 18th July 2007 and Theokristas Travel DO charge comission (2%) if you exchange travellers cheques there.  I can't comment on anything else because all we took was travellers cheques.

In Tingaki we got roughly 70 for 100 Euros which is more than we got back home in England.

Debbie J           

Found cost of living relatively cheap , cheap to eat out even at the nicest restaurants so don't let the luxury looks put you off, found j & m supermarket on coast road by atki dimmy apartment the cheapest for most thing, whislt i found the large supermarket at the top of tingaki more expensive but a wider range of goods, exchange rates weren't bad at home in uk i got 1.38 in tingaki 1.44 just enjoy i only took 250.00 for one week self catering and i took 75.00 home even after a few pressies and eating out every evening at a really nice restaurant so i think it was very cheap

Marc G           

very cheap!!!!!!!!!

Kay I           

Use Theokristas Travel just up from the roundabout - they don't charge commission


they were expensive

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