Exchange Rates on Kos

Vicky & paul C           

We were worried there wouldn't be many places to exchange travellers cheques.... well we were plesantly suprised as on our way to the square there were three places to chose from and because we had euro travellers cheques it didn't matter what the exchange rate was anyway - they charged us 1 euro for a 50 euro cheque or 2 euros for a 100 euro cheque..... quite reasonable we thought, and a lot safer than taking cash.

Remeber the exchange shops close during the day for a couple a hours!!!!! They don't close in the eveing until about midnight.


The Kardamos exchange/trips also gave the best rates for sterling travellers cheques and didn't charge commission either - will definately use every time next year 


r there many places 2 exchange travellers checks in kardamena?????

Denise G

I am taking my grandaughter to Kos staying in Kardema. Is this chid friendly and also where is the nearest medical cetnre? Just in case!

Jacqui T           

better rate in kos town if changing huge amount of money. if small amount kardamena is good and all places very good

Rebecca R           

Lukas rent a car. This is also somewhere to exchange your money, it is a very friendly family run place (like most greek place). They look after you and they are also very good to higher cars etc from. They also have safety deposit boxes which are very safe and i use them everytime i go over. Its better then keeping everything in your room especially if your self catering as a just in case.

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