Siwa Night Club

Bars in Kefalos

Lisa H           

As one of only 2 nightclubs in the whole town of Kefalos, this is an area where i spent quite a few evenings with a drink in me hand after work! just like to say thanks to everyone who made my time in Kefalos extremely unforgetable! thanks but esp to lil emma, ur a doll! thanks poppet!

Loadsa love lis xxx

London L

I need to find a girl that i met out in Kardamena. Shes from seven oaks in Kent (i think) I met her in Mario's, i was with a group of my mates and so was she. I cant remember her name - but i lost her in status and never saw her again on the holiday.

Bill W           

this was the best place to go in kefalos. personally i would have liked to go there a bit more often, but the people i was wiv wanted to go to kardamena every nite.

the music is good and all the staff are friendly.
and the reps are gorgeous. the girls from buckinghamshire, if you can remember us, we were on the beach every day down by the watersports. there was 6 of us lads, from london.
drop us a line if you remember us.

Leanne R           

we worked here from may til july.absolutely loved it.workin in kardamena this year though.will be visiting everyone in kefalos when we can. big hello to george,manolis,michael and billy the dj.see you all again soon !!!!!!!!

Emma S           

this is by far the best nightclub in the whole of kefalos this is where the locals and the holiday makers,manolis,dimitris and all the other people that work there are all fantastic if you go in on a saturday night dont be put of by the greek dancing join in its great fun all the greeks and english workers are fantastic i will definatly be returning to this place over and over again thanks for a fantastic summer x x x

Jamie N           

BEST Club in Kos, Awsome music and the Atmosphere is amazing.. Best Place to be in Kos !!!

Beth and sue            

Siwa only gets good about 3 in the morning, only locals go and the drinks are very expensive.but when ur pissed its a laugh! hello to mark and tom on the door hahahahah.memba us?c u soon boys!:0)

Kerry B           

George u'll av t 2 stop drinking the profit m8. Really welcoming club. Music was a bit dodgy to start but DJ got better as the week went on. Alcohol flowed like water it was great. Prices good if you had to pay, George kept giving 'em away. Nice and cool with the air-con. Good place to end the nite (or start the morning).

Jeremy S           

this was a really good night club it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! bare chicks