Melody Bar

Bars in Kefalos

Leigh A

Am friends with some English locals to melody and stamatis's Mum very kindly rented me a room at the last minute last august. Does anyone have an email address fro them so i can arrange a room prior to my visit in august of this year (2006)

Innes P           

Mrs.Hall, people may get the wrong idea if I start describing my males friends as hunks !!
If anyone out there does go to the Melody Bar and fancies a bit of banter...tell them 'Innes sent me' and the best football team in Greece play in green and watch the reaction ... good luck !

Jacki H           

I printed this out Mr Petrie to let the boys know they are not hunks !! Andonis will be upset....

Innes P           

Excellent laid back bar with the best cocktails in Kos. Always made to feel really welcome by the guys there. Watch out for the Halls' from Essex though......

Jacki H           

We love this bar, it is a very laid back place to enjoy a cocktail or 2. Not for youngsters... Yiannis, Stamatis and Andonis are fabulous guys and they are our Greek family...they will always make you feel welcome and go out of their way to help you.

Catherine R           

Melody was a very relaxing,happy,bob marley place.