Accommodation in Mastihari

Mary D

I am due to stay at the Leonidas Hotel & Studios, Kos Town, early September.  I will be travelling as a solo female traveller.  I have visited Kos many times in the past with my late husband.  It must be 10 years since I was there last and then we stayed in Mastihari.

Has anyone out there got any advice/tips for me with this being my first visit to the island by myself?

Thank you.

Elaine P

hi, went to mastihari last year and the year before, karadonis is still closed..... doesn't look like it will ever re-open sorry...... Elaine

Brigitte M

Hi ,We are hoping to go back to Mastahari this summer and wanting to stay at the Karadonis but having trouble finding it, we stopped there a few years back infact 3 years on the trot but it was closed the last time we went had to stop elsewhere n tried other islands these past years but nothing compares to Mastahari could anyone help would be eternally grateful cheers Brigitte   

Dave H          8/10

Couldn't fault Karadonis - Greek basic .... paaah ! The hospitality was superb and Manos delisting it from their properties in their brochure says more about Manos since the take-over from MyTravel/Airtours than it does about Karadonis Apartments. Mind you, they've done the same on Symi ! Sod the accountants - give us what we want, not what you want us to have! And if you can't negotiate a deal, get out of the game. The only thing the surprises us is that the competitors haven't icked up on Kradonis ! But - Mastichari - it's a great place. No tattooed beer monsters, no "Del Boy bars - just Greece at its simplest. And better for it !

Dave H           

Karadonis is a regular talking point in our house - spot on ! It disappeared from Manos brochure - much to the detraction of Manos in Mastichari ! Greek basic "plus" ..... please, don't any noisy, party animals go there ! It's great as it is !!!! Nice welcome, attentive when you wish, leave you alone when you are in that frame of mind. One of the best - and we've "legged" it around in the past. Didn't rate the rep. though !

Julie I           

August 2005 - Have just got back from Kos, as I couldn't get hold of Mr Karantonis we had to make do with staying just outside Mastachari.  We of course could not go back to Kos without going to see all our friends in the village including Mr Karantonis.  He informed me that after having a break for the last couple of years - only taking private bookings - Karadonis Hotel will be up and running fully for 2006. 

As with alot of people on this website since finding the village of Mastichari we to have found our ideal holiday destination.

David A

Has anyone been to mastihari recently, planning going back out thwere for a while, have tried to get in touch with Paniotis Karantonis at the Karantonis Hotel but as yet he's a tad elusive, and is the Hotel Karantonis still open, can't find it in the manos brochure, and i've lostr the phone number ??????? any details please e-mail me at atv920@msn.com


reply for amanda hanson, sorry it not up for sale. look at my reply on the mastihari page.

Amanda H

I have heard the karadonis is up for sale, anyone been out to Mastihari? Details would be gratefully received.

Dee W           

Stayed in the Karadonis in 2002. We had a one bedroom appartment which was very spacious and cool. The kitchen area was a bit on the sparce side, but that was ok for us as we didn't intend to cook. The room was cleaned every day and regular linin changes. Only a few minutes walk to the beach which is lovely.

Ele W           

We have visited here for two years on the trot, this is a fantastic place and has everything that you could need. Just a short walk through the fields to the beach. Apartmants clean and simple. Pool great.Everyone is friendly. Its great!

Kirsty L           

Karandonis has very nice surroundings, it is looked after very well and all the Greek people are very nice and treat you very well. Just stay away from the young boys! ha

Totos K           

it a cool places