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Terry D


Jason B          10/10

Hi Pam.

I've stayed at the Miros Studios about 5 times now and never been dissapointed.
The rooms are basic, but I've always found them to be clean, comfortable and well looked after.
Everyone is really friendly and it's location means its very peaceful. Just a short walk will take you to the beach/supermarket/restaurants.
I'm going back there this year too (13th June) Can't wait!

James H

We went to Tingaki last August and found it really cheap, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from but if you are on a budget, Sagitaurus at the top of the road just past Marianna apts is very good value for money. Cycle hire is very cheap too which is great for getting around, easy cycle to Kos town as there is a lovely breeze on the island.

David W

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No problem Janice - we stayed at the Fili apartments about 6 years ago and they were lovely. Pool with slide for kids and a more secluded deeper pool as well. Food was fine and the staff were great. They are a bit out of town (in fact, just 2 minutes from where we are going again this year, the Irina Beach), however the bus stop into Tingaki is right on your doorstep. I think it's about 1 euro 20 and takes 5 minutes.  To walk will take you anywhere from 20 -40 minutes right along the coast, but dark in places at night. Beach is gorgeous, sandy and safe. Restaurants are all pretty good and whilst I have my favs, everyone is different so I'll let you enjoy and decide :)  Low key nightlife with a couple of bars (maybe disco?) if you fancy a change.  We hired bikes from a place just 5 mins from the apartments on the sea road and this is a great way to get about. Also worth hiring a car as the driving was ok and there are some lovely little areas dotted around the island. Ther can be a bit of a breeze at times but it helps to cool down. If there is anything specific you need/want to know drop me a line and I'll see if I can help. cheers D

Pam O

We are going to Tingaki staying at Miros Studios! any pics comments or info .Have read excellent reviews and hope they are so good.We are a party  of 3 ladies and a 4year old going 13th June so hope the weather ok too.

Janice S

Hi Dave

Many thanks for your reply!
We're staying at the Fili apartments, during August.  Really looking forward to it.  Any tips greatly received!

David W

Hi Janice,

When u going .where are u staying?  There are a few supermarkets in Tingaki and the largest and best stocked is at the top of the one and only main street that runs down to the beach :)   There are a few smaller ones on the beachfront going out of Tingaki, so depends where you are and what you want. Our kids will be 15 and 12 and certainly when we were there 3 years ago (going back July this year) it was really cheap to eat out so hopefully it will still be the same (fingers crossed).
If you need anymore info feel free to ask :)

Janice S

Hi there, hoping for some tips!  We've booked Tingaki for next year,self catering and was wondering if there is a supermarket anyone could recommend to stock up with a few basics and the odd stay in on the balcony with a bottle of wine type evening?  We have 2 boys who are always hungry so can't afford to eat out for every meal!! Also can anyone recommend any reasonable but nice restaurants please?

Be so grateful for any other tips - the kids will be 15 and 10 by then.
Thanks so much

Nigel and elaine T          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge Travelling back to Tingaki next weekend. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again. Attached a couple of photos from past trips.

Zia sunset     Top of Mt Oregon     Nysiros

Manchester 2

Hi Anne This is my 4th trip to Tingaki, I adore the place. We don't actually get back until the day before you go so my post on here will prob be to late however we stay at the Miros and I've just been looking at this years comments on trip advisor and there is a really good review that talks about Tingaki as a whole, prices where to go etc. There is a bus to kos town about 2 euros and make sure you have a meal at the meni. Have a great time x

Anne B

Hi we are a couple who are going to tingaki in the 01/09/2011 would like to know what the price's are
like for eating out  ie 2 couse meal and drinks and which are the best places to eat.  Could you please let us know the price for going on a boat trip to Turkey. Prices of sunbeds. Price of taxi to Kos town.
Which are best bars at night we like music but not loud music,

Susan H


We returned from Tigaki 2 weeks ago. We are a couple in our early 30's. We didnt want a wild one and found Tigaki perfect. There is 1 main road with bars and restaraunts on it. Some of them are loud but some are nice and relaxing.
There is one at the end of the road which i think is attached to a hotel which was really good.
Wish we were going back

Alison R

My boyfriend and I are looking to book a last minute holiday and this resort has come up. Is it quiet? As this is what we are looking for. No 18-30 holiday atmosphere etc Many thanks Alison

Gillian T          10/10

thank you very much elaine, for your help, we will take traveler cheques, and we will say hi to irini for you many thanks again gillian taws

Elaine W          10/10

Hi Gillian

We have been to Tingaki many times and there is only one ATM in the village, at the beach end of the main road by the fountain roundabout.  We usually take travellers cheques with us and there are several exchange /travel agents in the village.  Best restaurants by far are Nisiotiko - the one with the blue & white checked tablecloths, and Sagitariaus right towards the top end of the main road.  A good Bar is 7Dayzs - say hello to Irini 'The Greek Goddess' who runs the bar from Mr. Sam & ElainieLaugh.  Have a good holiday!!!!!
Sam & Elaine Woodall Smile

Gillian T

hi we are going to tingaki in 3 weeks time, whats best to take traveler cheques or use cash card, do they have many cash atm in the town center, also whats the best place to eat. we would be very gravful for any help.

Fransisca S

Filoula, I just came back yesterday from Tigaki, so dont be afraid, there will be plenty of phonebox, specially if the place you are going to stay is near to the Tigaki Square.

Sharon, the cost is 2eu now for one way ride to Tigaki from Kos Town =).

Lisa T, there are plenty of car rental company in tigaki so i dont think you need to prebook, but if you really want to, perhaps the best option is to book the car from those car rental website, so you can pick them straight away from the airport.

Katie M, Theokritos Travel is still running i used one of their service when i visited Tigaki, and i just came back yesterday. But i didnt book any tour in advance, i just came to their office in Tigaki =)

I enjoy my stay in Kos so far, but didnt really like my choice of apartment. But now i know the area and knows all the apartments or studio i like, so next visit i will be more prepare then this year =)

Filoula M          10/10

Hey , i have a HUGE problem , i am going on holiday tomorrow with my friend and her mum , but i still want to contact my mum , do you know if there is a phone box / booth in tingaki , kos? if there is , can phone cards be used?

Thankyou xxx

Nigel, elaine, rachel and           10/10

Sharon, you can catch the Tingaki bus from the main bus station just up the street from the big church. Ask anyone local and they will point you in the right direction.  Ask the driver which bus, they are very helpful and it is only about 15 mins away. I seem to recall the cost is about 1.20. Hope this helps.

Sharon H

can anyone tell me which bus you can get from kos town to tingaki and were do you get it

Manchester 2

Hi Wendy (Mitchell) we stayed at the Miros last year and are returning again this year. The apartments are lovely and the staff were great. The pool area is nice with a seperate (small pool) for the kids. Never struggled to get beds and we stayed middle of August. The beach is across the road and apart from a bit of shingle near the shore the sea is shallow and welcoming when the temps are as hot as they were last year. The walk into town each night is about 10-15mins but you are at the right side of the island for this not to feel isolated and its actually quite nice to do as you walk along the beach front so the beeze makes the walk! On the way to the 'square' there are a number of restaurants all serving great food and many with deals for the kids etc. Try the kids cocktails... not always advertsied and can be quite pricey so maybe wait for the last few nights but the kids love them when they turn up with sparklers and umbrellas in them!! If the kids want inflatables etc walk onto the main road in Tingaki as they are much cheaper and food etc is cheaper up at the main supermarket which you can catch the bus to right outside the apartments. Restaurant wise this will be our thrid trip to Tingaki and we love the Menai. People say its pricey however I think its reasonable and you get what you pay for. Never had a bad meal.

Anyway... sorry for going on but hopefully you will love Tingaki as much as we do. Any other questions please post and I'll do my best to answer.

Paul D

Does anyone know the email address of the Mythos apartments.

Lisa T

Does anyone know any Car Hire companies in Tingaki ?, as were going in August for 2wks and really want to prebook our car hire before we go.

Katie M

Hiya, Does anyone know if Theokritos Travel are still running? I've emailled them about booking tours for this summer but have had no response. I'm also interested to know about the building works at the Marianna as I've booked there for August!


Laura G

Do you know when the refurbishments will be completed? My boyfriend and I are booked to come to the Marianna in mid July and i'm worried that there is going to be lots of disruption and building work going on. 


The Marianna is no longer using First Choice, I had a mail from Maria she says they are setting up a website and she would mail me when the site was up and running, she said it is possible to book direct with them.

She also said
You can book through Lowcostholidays.com, Hotels4u.com and Cosmosholidays.co.uk.

We are having a very busy spring because we are having a refurbishment at the hotel,

With a lot of additions in the rooms such as t.v.,microwaves e.t.c and changes at the public areas.

Hannah R

Does anybody know the best way to book the Mariana apartments? We stayed here a few years ago through First Choice and have been looking to go back this year but can't find it listed with any of the tour operators??

Chloe D

Hi does anyone have an email address (or phone number) for the Marianna Studios?! We are on a late arriving flight and need to make sure this is going to be OK! Thanks very much x

Wendy M

going aug to miros apt any one stayed their.and is the beach across the road nice.also best two places to eat and best two bars just to start me and the kids off boy aged 9 and twin girls 6 thank you wendy mitch leeds.

Craig B          8/10

Just back yesterday from Tingaki and loved it, we stayed in the Mythos ApartHotel for 2 weeks, some info if you want it.

The is one ATM which is sometimes out of money in Tingaki, the other is 2 km away or you can use an ATM in Pyli by using the red tourist vehicle at the cross beside the fountain.(8 euros each)
Sunbed hire on beach is only 3 euros per day each.

Doctors are quite expensive with a normal fee of 50 euros for an injection for sickness and a prescription is around 28 euros.

The food is all quite similar being an Island however the Gyros is very fatty kebab which is the local food, everything comes with chips unless changed, the steaks are great and very cheap especially the fillet but is sometimes rare on the inside, I was told this is normal as the meat comes from a baby cow (never ate one again).

The bigger supermarket is far cheaper just a 10 minute walk by the beach.

The only gym i found was the Pelopas Hotel at 10 euros per session, 2 small Argos type benches which are on the verge of collapse, 100 kilos in smalll weight, a decent treadmill, 2 stationary bikes, 1 cross trainer and a broken rowing machine. (no air con so be prepared).  The staff are friendly and you can use the toilet facilities.

The best tours were Tingaki Tours - a German run company, very friendly and a lot cheaper than anyone else including Thomas Cook whom we travelled with.(They also have internet that is available for 2 euros and a currency exchange), A word of warning is that there is a tour going to Bodram in Turkey for the day, this is a great experience however at the start they take you to the Gold Centre, lock you in and hassle you for ages to buy so be prepared if you dont  bother with them you get to 'escape' to the toilet and cafe.

Take a camera on the 3 Island Cruise and be ready for the boat rocking with the waves, take plenty of sunscreen as it makes for the perfect tan, picture postcard scenery and a cool down in the water (even for non - swimmers).

Remember and put a few Euros in the pet charity if you can beside Tingaki Tours as they rehome and save a lot of discarded animals when the season closes on the Island., they also sell great calendars and other merchandise in the evening.

Overall a lovely relaxing holiday and i would highly recommend.

Ellie L

please can any one tell me can we exchange english money in tingaki.alsu has anyone stayed in miros apt

Jill E          10/10

hi please can anyone help us. does anyone have an email addresss for angela apartments tingaki., and does anyone know alex from rodinis resturant, just would like to know if alexs wife has had her baby, thank you.

Pete W

Hi Amanda
Im going to the angela on saturday 28/8 so will be able to give you an e mail if you still need it.
Also.,can anyone tell me the best way to take money?debit card?cash?sterling or euros/is there a bank or banks there?

Amanda W

Does anyone have an e mail address for the Angela apartments and the Kalloudis apartments?  I am hoping to take my 83 year old mother & I want a 1 bed apartment with a proper bed in the living area.  Any suggestions please?  Must be central to resort & beach.  thanks

Joyce M

Hi folks
Used to work in Kos (and lived in Tingaki) in the early nineties, now going back for the first time since '93! Can't wait! Since then I've really got into swing dancing and love rock and roll and swing music. Is there anywhere in Tingaki or Kos where they play this sort of music and people might be dancing? I've heard there's a bar called the Red House bar, do you think plays this style of music?
Cheers in advance, Joycex

David W

Hi Gail,

The e-mail address for Irina Beach is vera@otenet.gr - I'm sure thats the address that Maria still uses.
Good luck!

Gail L

Can anyone help me with the e-mail address for the Ireni Beach Hotel in Tingaki Kos. The owners gave us their e-mail address when we spent our holiday there and i have lost it  Please Please Someone Help !!!!!

Mary M

hi lynne, we had a reaaaaly good time, nice and chilled  people brilliant, restaurant at  mythos 1st class , sorry to say off to spain next year, partners choice.  shall miss my bellini cocktails at memories bar

Susan B

hi miles they do scuba diving for 55 euros for full day you can book it from rep or down the street believe its same price,we hired a quad which was good fun to go and explore around the island, if you need to know anything else let me know, if not enjoy its a lovely place.

Marg H

To my knowledge there isn't diving near Tingaki itself but if you look at website for Theokritos Travel.  I believe they do diving days if that is of any help.

Miles G

  HI i am off to tingaki in oct and would like to know if there is any scuba diving.....close

Marg H

Hi Mary - Donna's apartments are really lovely, I am sure she will be able to show them to you whilst you are there.

Hi Donna -I knew you would have the solution to Mary's problem.  Our love to the family.

Mary M

thanks donna, i will pop in and see you about books. your apartments look really lovely i looked them up on your website, if we enjoy tingaki, we might be interested too book for next year. see you soon   maureen and hugh

Marg H

Hi Mary - I haven't seen any book exchanges in Tigaki for some years now.  I don't know where you are staying but many places keep books that have been left behind by other visitors for all to use. 

Lynne S

Hi Mary,

I dont recall seeing a book exchange as such but if you go to Micki's bar (its owned by an Australian Guy) and is on the sea front just past the roundabout I remember seeing a lot of books there on the shelves and Im pretty sure they would let you exchange.
We returned to Tingaki this year (our third visit) at the end of May for two weeks and have already booked for next year.  Ive read all your posts and I can assure you that you will love the place.  Out of all of the places we have visited over the years Tingaki is the only place we have returned to which says it all really.  Have a wonderful time, Im sure you will.

Mary M

hi all, does any happy holidaymakers know if their is a book exchange in tingaki. 5 days 2 go yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Giles N          10/10

We have just got back from Tigaki. It's a lovely resort with lots of fab restaurants, and a long sandy beach. The sun beds are 3 euro's a day but are well looked after.

We had a car and went to most of the other towns on the island. Tigaki is by far the best location if you want a nice, clean resort without loads of 18-25 year olds falling around drunk. There are enough bars, some with large TV's to keep you occupied through the night. The locals were very friendly and all spoke English well.  There are also plenty of places to rent a scooter, dune buggy or bike to explore the region.

It is also close to Zia which is a village up in the mountain behind Tigaki. Zia is beautiful, with fantastic views over Tigaki, its surrounding area and the sea beyond. It too has some lovely restaurants and good shopping for souvenirs.

I would recommend Tigaki to any couple or family looking for a relaxed holiday, 34C each day, lovely sand and good food!Smile

Susan B

Thanks phil for the info it sounds a beautiful place ill let you know i we get on

Tina R

Hi Mary
Can I also reassure you by saying that we are going back to Tingaki for the fourth time this September.  We stay at the Mythos and have found Vassilis to be the best place to eat.
Tingaki is a lovely resort with a stunning beach and plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.
Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Mary M

tina and denny, thanks very much 4 ur reply. i was just a wee bit peeved by irenkas negative view on the area. cheers again mo

Tina S          10/10


Please do not worry you are going to have an absolutely fabulous time.  Tingaki is the best resort on Kos.
The beach is second to none - the beds are very comfy for all day sun bathing.  The restaurants are very good - our favour is Vassilis on the main road, almost opposite Mascot Bar.  The bars are a wide choice, you can have a quiet drink watching the world go by or you can descend on Mascot Bar and party, party, party till around 4.00a.m.
There is another free website that is worth checking out and it is www.justkos.co.uk.  This one actually gives you a breakdown and reviews on individual accommodation, restaurants, bars etc and also has pictures on it - well worth a visit.
We are returning again this September and can't wait.  Believe me - once you have been to Tingaki you will get the bug and keep on returning.
Everyone there is so friendly and can't do enough for you - and that is everywhere - the shops, the bars, the restaurants - everywhere.
Please enjoy - I look forward to your comments on your return.

Denny H

Mary macreadie we have been to tingaki twice before and are going again august and we absolutely love it as im sure you will,its a very friendly resort with some lovely taverna's and bars

Phil S

My wife and I are also travelling to Tingaki on the 23rd for our 4th visit, we always stay at the Sunset Aparthotel (right across the road from Constantenos supermarket), great place. We like to eat at Grand salle or Rodini's both great food and good service, the Chinese restaurant is also very good if a little expensive. If you enjoy a quiet evening with good company and a great host you must make the effort to visit "Leftie" at his Margarita Cafe Bar, a real character.The bar is just north of the supermarket, a little way out I know, but well worth it. For a really good cocktail it has to be Cafe Ipanema, sparklers and all.

Susan B

Hi lynn thanks for comments ill let you know how we get on roll on 23rd

Susan W          10/10

Going back to Tingaki on the 4th September, really looking forward to another week of sitting in Andreas Taverna every night having a lovely meal with good company, if you're visiting Tingaki see you there,  and if you like live music and a good dance visit Red House Bar.  We've been visiting Tingaki twice a year for nearly 17 years, great resort, best beach on the island.

Debbie P          10/10

Denny we were in tingaki 25th june and the rate at theokritos travel was 1.26 to the pound,

Denny H

Hello could someone tell me the exchange rate in tingaki =Euro.Thanx in advance

Lynne S

Hi Susan,

All the bars are good.  Our personal favourites were Katras on the main road and Micki's bar.  We've never had a bad meal or bad experience  This year was our third year and we have already booked to go back next year (we booked before we left this year).
Seeing as its just you and your hubby I would highly recommend a meal/night in Zia.  It is stunning.  Its cheaper to get a taxi from Tingaki and go under your own steam before the excursions arrive.  That way you get the pick of the restaurants.  Our fave is the Oromedon restaurant which is the first taverna with a rooftop terrace on your right as the taxi drops you off.   
Kos Town is lovely as well.  There is an old part to it and there are tavernas there with roof top seating. If you do decide to book any trips Theokritos Travel on the main road were the best price wise.
Not too long now for you.  Have a wonderful time and if you want to know any more just ask.

Lynne S

Hi Susan, 

We arrived back from Tingaki (our 3rd visit) on 6th June and we dont think it expensive at all.  Not compared to Spain anyway ! We were averaging 50 euros a night and that was for starters for 4, 3 mains, 1 kids meal, litre of wine and soft drinks.  The meals can be as expensive or as cheap as you like.  Most of the mains are under 10 euros and kids meals are approx 3 -4 euro.  We were in Majorca last Summer and for the same meals we were averaging 80 to 100 euros per night.  Hopefully that will give you some idea.   If there is anything else you want to know let me know.

Susan B

Hi can anyone tell me what to expect price wise in tingaki? lots of people are  telling me its very expensive, we are staying at angela apts do they have balconies and air con? any info would be helpful thanks

Shirley W

Hi Lynne,
 No offence taken, its nice to have advice, although mum is elderly she is young at heart and likes to keep up with the family but struggles at times.

Lynne S

Hi Shirley,

Your welcome.  If Im not mistaken (obviously I dont know how able bodied your mum is) but I am sure I saw a place hiring wheelchairs.  I cant remember whether it was in Tingaki or Kos Town.  Perhaps somebody on here saw the place also ? Hope I havent caused offence, just thought I would mention it.  Have a wonderful holiday.  If you havent been before I can assure you, you will love it.

Shirley W

Hi Lynne,
Thanks for your reply   i didnt fancy pushing her up hill

Debbie P          10/10

Mary, the air con is 6 euros per night in a one bed apatrment and if it's  as hot when you go as it was last week you will need it

Lynne S

Hi Shirley,

To put your mind at rest there are no hills in Tingaki, its completely flat.    The Mythos Apartments are on the main road.  If you google Theokritos Travel, click the link for Tingaki you will see a map of Tingaki.  Hope this helps.

Shirley W

Can anyone comment on the "very steep" hill that leads to Mythos Apartments? Ive read that you get use walking up it but im not too sure how my mum will manage as she is 79 !   Please tell me its not that bad

Debbie P

We came back last week and they were charging 9 euros per kilo over weight but did'nt see any one charged all group booking baggage all weighed together so averaged out hope this helpsSmile

Sara B

Thanks very much Lynne

Lynne S

Hi Sara,

You can change travellers cheques at a couple of places on the main street but you will pay commission. There is also an ATM on the main street.  You can probably change them in your hotel also but again you will probably pay commission.   The first time we went to Tingaki we took travellers cheques (because everybody tells you that is the safest way to take money).  The last two times we have just taken euros and sterling with us.
We returned from Tingaki on 6th June.  My son took sterling and he changed it to euros (commission free) in Kos Town and got a better rate than we did in England before we went.   Hope that helps a bit.

Denny H

Thanks lee we went last year and ate a lot in nissiotiko which has great food and very reasonable,Hoping to go back as we loved it there

Sara B

Hi All
Can you tell me what its like for changing travellers checks in Tingaki. Thanks in advance

Lee J

some places are expensive you have to look around we are a family of four the kids are 2 and 5. the kids meals are about 3euro 50 adult meals are about 6 euros upwards depends on what food you like. drinks are about 1 euro 90 for fizzy drinks beer varies in price local beer is about 2 euro 90 spirts start from about 4 euro but you get half a glass of spirit the rest coke etc

Denny H

Hi all, just a quick question my friend went to tingaki last year and has just returned again and said it has really got expensive.As we are looking to book tingaki could anyone tell me prices for meals drinks etc.Thanks in advance

Lee J

the shop on the corner by the fountain roundabout is about the best one resonable prices for ciggies or theres a big supermarket at the other end of tingaki sells every thing but its a bit of a walk depending on where you are staying 

David W

You can buy ciggies at any of the supermarkets - the big supermarket at the top of the main street has a huge selection of ciggies and alcohol :) - one stop shop really....