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Peter O

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its good to read about Simos and that he is well

 me and family were there last time in 2006 and we became friends
we stay in apartement Aristo and we go every evenig to Simos to eat
I learn some Greece from his mom
hopefely we go there to them next year

Eilidh S

hi there,

we are going out to stay in Psalidi in oct 2009 to get married and are looking to book a traditional taverna for our reception for about 25 people. We would be really pleased tpo hear from anyone that could give us some information. If you can help could you email me on with your ideas. Many thanks, eilidh and eian.

Peter G

Hi Teresa and Manda, my name is Claire and I have been reading your comments about Psalidi and especially Simo and Felicia.  Just thought I would let you know that my husband Pete and I go to Kos a couple of times a year and like you first went to Psalidi and met Simo who made our holiday.  We actually bumped into him in October 2007 in Kos town and he was delivering beer etc to the bars on the front with a big lorry.  He looked well and he said he was fine and Felicia was well too.  We told him we would be returning this May and he said that he was usually around the harbour between 10am and midday most days delivering if we wanted to catch up with him when we go, so if you are looking for him you will probably find him there.  I think Psalidi has changed an awful lot because of the large all inclusive hotels putting all the small tavernas out of business. It's a shame because we loved it there.  We now stay just outside Kos town and the family who run the apartments know Simo, in fact he is a good friend of the owner's brother in law. Small world.  Anyway just thought I would let you know, hope this helps and if I can help with anything else I would be happy to 


Teresa W

 hi manda, its no bother thats what we are here for ,help and advise.Simos shut down in 2004-5 and nikos began planning and building his taverna in aug 2001 he took us to look around as it was being built thats why its good to go back and see him doing well. yeah im sure if you sent a message through them it would get to simo, if you mention us they have nicknamed us "the cheeky ******* "  think you know what that means and "george the bold one!" thats what you call friends. on the main road away from psalidi and kos town there is a go-cart track thats great for kids and its in walking distance from the taverna. my KIDS are now 19 & 21 but still act like 6&7 when on hol, hope you do manage to get again we go end of aug for two weeks,  so far there are 13 of us going together should be great.take care and have fun ,teresa

Manda O

Hi Teresa! Again! Sorry to keep bothering you! Just wondering when did Simos Taverna shut & Nikos open his? Might drop Simos & Felica a line after easter when they will be getting ready for the season. Do you think it will reach them ok if I sent it to Nikos Taverna? I will tell them I've been in touch with you too! Also, I was wondering, how old are your kids? In june I am going with my friend but later in the season I may try & squeeze a wk in with my little boy, Sam,  (he is on holiday with his dad in june) who will be 6 then. Obviously it will be a very different holiday with my son & I want to be sure there will be enough to keep him entertained at that age. The water park would be a hit with him, but anything else you could recommend? Many thanks! Manda

Teresa W

 hi manda, dont worry about your diet concidering some of the sights you see ! Alex and miltos were there some years back we didnt see them in aug 2005 so not sure what has happened to them,  have seen the hotel you are staying at but not heard of any comments , dont think it matters where you stay as long as we have Nikos ,Simos and gang. did you know they have a new water park which looks fab the one in psalidi was closed down very unsafe. have you been on many of the excursions ,the island hoping trip is worth a trip and the leisure cruise is a great day out. once again have a great hol take care teresa

Manda O

Hi Teresa! We stayed in the Aristo Apt the 1st time we went too! We booked a last minute deal off the teletext, all we knew was that we were going to Kos, no idea where abouts! We dreaded ending up in some 18-30's resort so needless to say when we got off a coach in the early hours in the middle off nowhere we thought we had gone to the other extreme! If it wasnt for Simos & the gang, I dont think we would have had had the holiday we did. We had such a fab time, we had only been back two days when we booked for the following year. This time because we wanted to be in Psalidi we booked thru the brochure & stayed in the Maritina Mare (we got a bit of a shock when we saw the real prices for Aristo! We had only paid approx 200 for a fortnight!) Maritina was very basic, but to be honest, as long as its clean & friendly that suits me, but it was a bit of a come down from Aristo! This year we are staying in the Paradise Beach hotel, I think, (my friend booked it), in Psalidi, hopefully staggering distance from Simos & gang! Do you know it? I'm glad that Psalidi hasnt altered too much, 8 years is a long time to be away. You didnt mention Alex or Miltos, are either of them still about? Thanks again for keeping me informed about things, I cant wait for June - best get on that diet, it'll be here before we know it! Many thanks, Manda x

Teresa W

hi manda im glad to have helped , as far as i can remember Felicia had an eye opp in surrey  around 2001-2 and they were very hopeful. "old" simos was not in the kitchen when we went  not sure how he is.Psalidi has not really changed a great deal , there are a couple of new large hotels but they are off the main road ,we stay in the aristo appartments just up the hill from the taverna great place to stay ,very friendly ,this will be our fifth time there , hope you have a great holiday, where do u stay?

Manda O

Teresa, you've made my day! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a msge. I had heard about Nikos taverna but had no idea that he was Simos cousin, let alone that Simos was working there! I dont suppose you can confirm if Felica, Simos wife is ok, last time we were there 8 years ago she was almost blind with diabeties. My friend & I became quite friendly with her & it would be nice to know she is doing ok - we can take some of her favoutite yorkshire tea for her! Also, is 'old' Simos still in the kitchen or has he finally hung up his apron & taking it easy? And finally, Alex & Miltos, are either of them working for Nikos? It sounds like Psalidi has changed somewhat from when we were there 8 years ago, I hope it isnt too built up & that too many people have discovered it! That was part of its charm dont you think? I would be ever so grateful if you could post some letters on the website, of the new taverna & any of Psalidi in general, or if you could email them to me directly. Am counting down to june, cant wait to go 'home' again! Its great to find someone who is as fond of the Simos taverna as we were, so again, thanks so much for the info! Manda x

Teresa W          10/10

reply to manda, hi there just to let you know simos cousin nikos has opened a taverna on the oppersite side of the road from where simos had his taverna, simos is also working there ,they have a fantastic team and just as good as the old team and taverna .we go back again in aug 08 cant wait to see them all

Manda O

We spent many a memorable night at the Simos Taverna when we visited Psalidi, Kos a few years ago. After trying different greek islands, we have decided to return to where our hearts lie - Psalidi in Kos. More importantly, to Simos and his wonderful wife, Felicia and the staff of their taverna. We have made enquiries only to hear the taverna is no longer there, can you offer us any information as to what has happened or if they can be contacted.

Teresa W           

fantastic place ,simos,his staff and his taverna is the best,we go back to the aristo appartments every two years mainly to see simos and co, he remembers us and cant wait to catch up with us. we take someone new every time and he makes them so welcome. on our first trip to kos we wanted a good beach as the children were young so without asking him simos picked us up took us to a great beach asked the owner of a beach side taverna to take care of us as we were special friends, he had paid for our sunloungers and a meal, at the end of the day he picked us back up and took us back to the appartment, he didnt have to do any of that but he did,what a guy. we cant wait to go back, roll on june

David D           

me and my family have been visiting kos island for a number of years now and have never had a bad holiday yet, i saw a comment on your site and thought it was very unfair, and felt i had to comment, simos taverna is situated in psalidi just near aristo apartments where we stayed one year, every night we ate at simos taverna and can honestly say that we had a fabulous meal every night, the price choice ect was brill and simo and all his staff make you feel so welcome having a laugh with everyone in the place not rude and insulting in anyway, one meal i can remember is the beer drinkers meal consisting of chicken, pork in a spicy sauce served with rice and veg, but do start with the nagasaki ( fried goats cheese ), myself and family are going to kos in a couple of weeks staying at the nicon apartments and we will be making a few special trips to simos to see our old friend simo ( what a guy )

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