Kris Mari Hotel - (Accommodation in Kardamena)

Natalie W           

Stayed at the Krismari for two weeks from the 8th to the 23rd July. It is a lovely hotel, all rooms have balconies and air conditioning but fridges etc. are not supplied. The pool is lovely with a poolside snack bar serving all sorts of nice food for lunches etc. The hotel itself is in a great location, *very* close to restuarants, shops, bars and the beach, but it is in a quieter end of Kardemena so you won't encounter too many drunken/lairy idiots roaming around.

All staff are very friendly and helpful, breakfast was nice and definitely exceeded expectations, as a vegetarian I was pleasantly surprised at how well vegetarians were catered for both in the hotel and in the surrounding restuarants.

Camelot - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Natalie W           

Claimed to be the best restuarant on Kos as voted by this website I think! However I was quite disappointed, there weren't many people in there and it seemed like all the staff just stood outside the restuarant either hassling people or staring in at us, I only had Greek salad and chips but to be honest it was probably the worst Greek salad I had the whole holiday.

Aramis - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Natalie W           

The Aramis roof garden is lovely, very atmospheric, I would definitely give it a try if I were you! Food was delicious and reasonably priced too.

Moonshine - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Natalie W           

Food was very nice, a good selection of dishes all very reasonably priced. We also received a free drink each after our meal which was very impressive.

Paradise - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Natalie W           

Staff here were so friendly that it really made our dining experience perfect. Even though we had only dined there once the staff recognised us and spoke to us about our day etc. every time we walked past without hassling us to come in again - very pleasant. The food was lovely, for me as a vegetarian and my partner as a meat eater there were a vast selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all very reasonably priced. We dined there four times I think and were impressed with the food and the service every time.

Kardamena Beach - (Beaches on Kos)

Natalie W           

Since most beaches in Greece are stony and pebbly, it was nice to encounter one that was sandy. Sun loungers were around 3-3.50 euros a day each, much cheaper than I expected. Cafes and snack bars lined the beach so it was very convenient to go somewhere for lunch.

Sea was very cool and lovely for swimming in, there was a constant breeze most days which took away the "unbarable" edge of the heat making it even more pleasant to lay in the sun. However this did not fool me into thinking I needed to use a low factor sun tan lotion - when you're in a country like Greece in temperatures above 30 degrees every day, it is common sense to use at *least* a factor 20 to begin with!

A lovely beach to take a snorkel to also, as there were lots of fish and rocks just a little way out to sea that were lovely to look at.

Best Seller Cocktail Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Natalie W           

We went to Kos two weeks ago and this had to be our favourite cocktail bar. Cocktails were 4 euros each, not the cheapest in the resort but there was an unbelivable selection and they were all absoloutely delecious (as was the ice cream!). Music was good but what really made the experience were the staff - they were all *so* friendly, talking to you as if they had known you for years which really made the experience extra special. I would *definitely* reccomend this place to anyone!