Sydneys Bar - (Bars in Kefalos)

Jessica R          3/10

Me and my friends came in May and had the most fantastic time, met loads of great people the owners were lovely. We liked it so much that we decided to go again in september and actually stay here aswell only this time it was horrible! the place was nice, the food was nice, most of the staff were nice,  we went to see. Linda..Say hi to Savvas for us xxxx first time 10/10 second time 3/10

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Players Lounge - (Bars in Kefalos)

Jessica R          10/10

 Absolutely brilliant place. The music was wicked the staff very friendly (unlike sydneys) You didn't have to queue for ages for a drink they would come round to where you was sitting and take your order, free shots when we arrived and when we left (and a few in the middle). Highly recommended will definately be going back next year x

Day trip to Turkey - (Kos Excursions)

Jessica R          3/10

Me and my friends went to turkey for the day and absolutely hated it1 it was horrible and we spent the whole day looking really miserable the only good thing about it was that 200 cigarettes were only 7 euro's but you could only bring 1 pack back. we had to wait around for hours for the boat back with nothing to do as we had been round the market already and didn't like how pushy the turks were.