Anthoula Hotel - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

Sophie N          9/10

very good service, however if u are considering staying in thsi hotel i would not pay too much attention to the pictures as they do not justcie for the hotel as we were expecting a lot worse than what we got.  the owners are lovely and always there to help whatever the problem.  pool is gorgeous and very relaxing, the rooms were a perfect size for what we needed them to b used for. only downfall is the bathrom- but u wil get that wherever u go in greece! top notch hotel and wud recommend to ne1 staying!!!!

soph n mike!!!!

Players Lounge - (Bars in Kefalos)

Sophie N          10/10

cannot believe she just put ur bar as a 4 /10 , it is well and truly the best bar in kefalos in fact the best bar around.  the ppl are fanastic and are guaranteed to give u a giggle or two.  this bar absolutely made mine and my bf's week that extra bit better...without it there would b nohting!!!  left yesterday n would go bk to kefalos simply for this bar. thanks guys for making hols fantastic......

.... pics will add soon!!
sophie nd mike

Aussie Steak House - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Sophie N          9/10

the special is a must... to die for!! some ppl have their opinions on the place but personally they tlking out of their a***s!! the service and food is fantastic value for money- n the chicken ppl complainign bout- well its greece not england so chickens gna b different!!! duh!!!!