Players Lounge - (Bars in Kefalos)


i just got back from kefalos this morning and i already miss players! its the best bar there by far free shots n drinks all nite long! i already miss all the hot guys dimitre,manoli,billy,teddy,mikey,pete,chris and the guys from survivor! i would definately go back next year cos it wos brill!!!it went in far 2 quick though i wanted 2 stay last nite instead of coming back to scotland! anyway definately go there n dont let anyone talk u into goin 2 sydneys cos its s**t!

Players Lounge - (Bars in Kefalos)

Nadine           10/10

Me and my friend Heather were in Kefalos for the whole of August and it was amazing!!! It was great to see everyone from last year again and we have some amazing greek friends.I miss everyone so much especially Dimitris, Mitsos, Chris, George, Manolis, Tony and Louis.

I need to mention Smiler who is the best DJ there and made me the best cds ever
Well we will be back next year for some more partying at the best bar in Kefalos!!!!!