Chilli Peppers - (Bars in Kardamena)

Laura P           

WOW  i wanna go back so much!!!! Chilli's was amazin. Thanks to Jen and Jacky (who has the most amazin tits in the world) both the best female waitresses (cos we all know who was the best waiter ).

hope to see you both real soon, hopefully in october!! cos i have actually fallen in love with the place, i now know what Marnie loved so much about it!!
love ya

Expose - (Bars in Kardamena)

Laura P           

boys boys boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we loved xpose, defo one of theeeee best bars down bar street. nicest guys in the world. simon, sam, pj, and of course rory a big thank you to you all for entertaining us many a nite!!!
pj hope you carrots (erm.... sausages are still cooking well on the fryin pan) heehee.
wow i miss that place so much, didnt realise how crap i would feel when i get home!
love you all
laura (marnies mate)
ps, got some great photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
email me -

Nemo - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Laura P           

we found nemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o my god this has to be the best restaurant in the whole wide world. we were out there for 2weeks and ate there every night bar 1 n that was cos we had to attend a workers birthday!!
stefanos we love you and your staff, you rule!!!!!
i got home on thursday and everything i have eaten ive binned because it isnt nemos, i miss it like crazy.
its so cheap n you get looooooooooads!!!
must go back soon.
laura x