Ultra Marine - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kate A           

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Hey hey hey,

Only been back since this morning alreday missin you guys! Ultra marine is the best bar ever.as you can see us 4 had alot of fun ! Sam and stuart are top guys!
cant wait to come back in the summer and work .
see you soon
kate n shell

Tango Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kate A           


tango bar is wikid! me n shell loved it ....big hi! to gaz n luke awsome guys ! luke really was wearin bright orange...alot of dedication to his bar lol! any was cant wait to see you in july...were coming bak yey!

love yas
kate n shell
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Ultra Marine - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kate A           

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hey guys,

were c*min bak....3 weeks to go youll see us on 19th july ..you know its all bout ulta marine bar!
cant wait to see ya (stu n sam)  misssed ya oodls n oodles lol!
it will be our last holiday b 4 we see ya next yr for the season :(.
any way hope ya missen us girlies ...we had a wikid time didnt we.oh yeah big shout to tash too (top gal)
see ya soon guys
mwahclick to enlarge x kate n shell x

Valinakis Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Kardamena)

Katie A           

hey Hey!

me and ma gal shell just come back 3 days ago x loving kos so much x it was our second holiday in bout 6 weeks x we stayed at valinakis.....honestly the rooms are basic and simple so dont get ya hopes up.But its right on the beach,turn left at the pool and your on the sand.Bar strip is just over the bridge, its not even a 30 second walk ,cant get much closer than that.we had a wicked time...when we work out there next year we are staying there...put it this way if 2 essex gals can handle gettin ready in there anyone can lol.
so if ya goin kos stay here! have a good time!
kate n shell

Expose - (Bars in Kardamena)

Katie A           

hey hey! been bak a week now! so sad to be home.....this bar really is the best bar in bar street...music is wicked x bar guys are wicked they're all gorgous the lot of them , really nice guys (sam,pj,simon) The pr's are awsome especially declan he is the coolest guy ever and hes irish.It was our second holiday in 6 weeks  love it soooooooooooooooooooo much so they all had a big shock when me n shell turned up.essex galls were bak he he .any way if ya goin kardamena go xpose , you wont be disapointed !were goin next yr to work ,cant wait to see you guys ...take care!

kate n shell
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Origin Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Katie A           

origin bar is wicked....the night would be down bar street til bout 2 x the status or starlight,sever,then end up in origin bar bout 6!lovin origin bar! most people are wrecked by the time they get in ther mind but ya gotta check this bar out! its 24 hour ya have too.sams great behind the bar...does it mainly all on his own :( but he can handle it lol)

Have a great rest of season guys see you soon
mwah xxx
kate n shell
click to enlarge( left - right) declan awsome guy, shell,me , adey from the bands bar

Crackers - (Bars in Kardamena)

Katie A           

We love crackers! we didnt know it existed on our first holiday.....but Alan ledgend guy who works there now used to work in red bar in bar street...so thats why we weent, to jump on him he he hadnt seen me n shell in bout 8 weeks thought we would suprise him!

But crackers is wicked...the bar guys are nuts they lump around and danc ebehing the bar all night...wicked drinks really great guys! and alan ya jus a top guy ..hes shaved his hair lol hes completelt bald..but ya jus gotta love him!
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alan on the right with the red bar lads .
ryan,mark ,alan ( with hair lol)

Kings Arms - (Bars in Kardamena)

Katie A           

We love the kings arms! awsome bar x and the bar staff are wicked! Rach best bar gal ever...we know her from red bar but shes wicked behind the bar in the KA! love ya rach....go in there ask for a randy ribina ...sooooo nice cant quite remember whats init lol but i know there is smirnoff tho  :)...lovin skank   hes great he knew us from our first holiday and he said we make him smile awwwwww...aparantly evryone else was borin f*****s lol.! craig the owner is wicked ...top guy...

love ya all x cant wait to work next yearX
kate n shell
me , skank n shell
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