Manolis Studios - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

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These studios are excellent. very clean with a really nice secluded pool area, beautifully kept win gardens with a quiet snack bar. They are run by a really loevely family and are a gentle 20 minute stroll from the busier end of town, but only a minutes walk from the nearest supermarket (Jim's) and Restaurant (Savvas) which does really excellent fresh local meat.

Fans and safe deposit boxes are available to hire when you get there.

Libra - (Tour Operators on Kos)

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libra have always been very accomodating (if a little difficult to get hold of on the phone). The flights with excel were good, the reps looked after us really well - very knowledgeable and welcoming but not pushy.

Steve did our transfers and was excellent. His wife lynne was our rep and vsisted the studios 5 times a week to make sure everyone was happy - A really good service.

Greek Night - (Kos Excursions)

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this was our first organised Greek night and we had a reallu good time.

For the best prices book with a local company not through your rep - and yes it will be more expensive that going to your local taverna, or going yourself - but this takes the hassle out of it and you will meet new people.
As our rep said - where in the uk get you get a 3 course meal, free drink and taxi's both ways for 25?
You get picked up on a coach - the trip up the mountain really wasn't that perilous!! and you get taken to Zia - which is really a load of tourist shops with a pretty view. but there are some realy bargains in terms of table linen and dinner sets. Some people spent the hour in zia in the cafe's eating and rinking - I dunno why!
then you head the 100 yards back down the mounatin to the open air taverna where you get a picture taken (you don't have to buy it and they aren't pushy!) then get seated in tables of 4 or 8. If their is just two of you you will get sat with another couple and the rep tried to
put similar ages together which was good.
Then you get two jugs of wine per table which you can refill yourself. Then they bring out plates of food to share - i thought their was quite a lot - a big basket of bread, a large greek salad, pasta, sousoukakia, chese pies, souvlaki cake and much more - my Oh can eat for england and he was satisfied.
The entertainment is good - cheesy at times but very good - you just have to enjoy yourself, and their are opportunities to get up and dance but the evening goes really quickly. i'm glad we did it.

Trip to Nysiros Volcano - (Kos Excursions)

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Booked through our libra rep who use Kardamena travel. We took the more expensive guided option and we really glad we did.The unguided is basically just a coach from your hotel and the ferry - then you have to buy another ticket for the volcano when yo get there.

On our tour the guide - Mike - was a english guy living on nissyros who gave us a full tour of the island avoiding all the other coaches - and what he doesn't know about Nissyros and this part of greece probably isn't worth knowing.
An excellent day out but the ferry crossing was a bit choppy

Argo - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

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This lovely restaurant is situated between the beach restaurants and the harbour restaurants and is right next to the carpark but on the beach with a lovely setting.

The staff are discretely attentive and speak very good english but the food is most definitely greek with beautiful greek salad and delicious grilled meat dishes. And they are more than happy to give you potatoes instead of chips but you may need to ask if they don't offer.
Its not the cheapest but it is far from expensive. 7.50 euro for the mixed grill I think. Its not an english mixed grill like you get in other resorts, you get a peice of lamb. pork, steak  and chicken, all cooked to perfection and very tender.
It was so good we went back on our last night for a 3 course meal. Including wine it was less that 35 euro.

Blue Horizon - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

A W           

nice simple Greek taverna, good value for money. Nice family.

Stamatia - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

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Lovely reataurant - quite upmarket (relatively) with excellent service and excellent food - including a nice garlic potato dish in place of chips