Manos - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Bex G           

we visited manos in august 04, may 05, august 05 and october 05. george & mike - fantastic service. manos - fantastic food. anything we asked for there, we could get. definitely recommend manos for any age. from 6 to 60 you wont be disappointed. we really miss the guys from there and cant wait to go back. we went in there sometimes for food, sometimes just for mikes lush milkshakes. veggie gyros was best ever and the chicken dishes surpassed anything we'd ever had. veggie pizza was "poli kala"!!! just a great place great people great food. really miss the guys from there and just miss kefalos in general. cant wait to go back there!!

Amanda & Bex 

Mayflower Peros Complex - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

Bex G           

we stayed in the mayflower 2 and it was great. it was simple yet we were supplied with everything we needed. it was out of the way but not too far out and still only a short walk to the beach etc. we had anthoulis supermarket right on our doorstep and part of the complex was a bar/pool area where we had breakfast once or twice although we didnt spend a great deal of time there. we were out in the daytime but at night there was no unwanted noise. it was clean and tidy and well accomodated as we had all the essentials but wasnt over crowded. rooms were spacious and decorated well. overall, a lovely stay and we would consider coming back here

Amanda  & Bex

Sunshine Apartments - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

Bex G           

stayed here in august 04 and think its a real waste that it hasnt opened this year. loved the location, basically it was just great.