3 Bay Cruise - (Kos Excursions)

Celine D           

Me and my pals went on the 3 bay cruise. Our boat waas able to take around 12 people, there were 7 people on it. The top deck of the boat had sunloungers whish were great to stretch out on, relax and get a tan on.

Kefalos was a bit crap, shingly beach, not much to do.
BBQ was OK, salad, bread and souvlaki and wine if you wanted it.
We stopped at a cove and did beer diving (champagne bottles kept sinking apparently!) Captain of the boat was a great guy-hilarious and knew a lot about Scotland.
Bubble Beach was lovely-wish we'd spent a day there as well. Quite pricey though but a fabulous beach.
We paid 15 euros from a travel shop place. Well worth it I'd say, if even just for the loungers on the boat-bliss!!!

Harrietts Apartments - (Accommodation in Kardamena)

Celine D           

we stayed in the harriets 13th-27th july (hi to kate below!!!) and had a fantastic time.

our window was also a bit dodgy but we had no break ins (we hired a safety deposit box anyway for peace of mind,they were only 20 euros for the 2 weeks and just always made sure we had the key with us or hidden away safely) we did wake up 1 morning with the window wide open but nothing was disturbed. one of the girls we met(yes you vicky from birmingham) admitted she'd put her hand in and stole sweets off our window ledge! rascal.

like kate one of the beds was broken in our room but we told scott on our first day and it was fixed promptly.

the apartments are actually very nice inside. the toilets are a bit rank but suppose all greek ones are! maid was in every day sweeping about and removing vodka bottles. she only put on new sheets if she came in and you werent in bed. if you were in bed she didnt even go in the room, just cleaned kitchen area.

the 24 hour bar is great-good meeting point when everyone staggers home. the young barman is a bit of a dick, but the other guy is cool. gives wicked measures.

the reps are great. scott the cheeky p**v and wee leanne who is a darling. we didnt go on the booze cruise but she brought us all the stuff they gave away to people on the boat. she is so lovely and is always around if you need her. mark was a pain in the a**e. enough said!!

the trips are brilliant-well worth the cost. me and my pal were always wrecked at the free bar nights, guaranteed we'd be falling about gibbering. the school disco was the best.

all in all fantastic apartments would go back in a flash.

watch out for the wee smelly cat with the stumpy tail. bloody annoying.

oh, for hayley, the nikolios are supposed to be nice-bit bigger than harreits rooms but didnt actually see inside. sorry!

Scala Roof Top - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Celine D           

Absolutely delicious. Had chicken and mushrooms. Yuuuuuuuuuum. Had a greek dish sangaki to start. Lovely as well. Best meal we had on the isalnd. Pricier than most but great!!!

Amazon - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Celine D           

The food we had was nice-chicken black bean sauce was lovely (all breast meat as well) as was pizza I got the other night we went.

Me and my pal had wine, fishbowls, shot after shot of sambuca (which you cant water down-you'd taste it straight away!)
I thought it was fantastic. The owners dancing was hilarious. Am puzzled by the bad reviews, certainly wasnt like that in July 05!!!

Cocomos - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Celine D           

Breakfast here-yum Best breakfast on the island. We went so much the waitress recognised us!!! Defo recommend here-proper back bacon-none of that crispy fatty crap!!!

Downtown - (Bars in Kardamena)

Celine D           

without a doubt the best club on the island!!!

only place i have ever seen huge groups of guys singing and dancing along to whitney houston along with the girls!!!
my pal had been to kos the year before and recommended downtown to me, otherwise we'd probably never have discovered it. sooooo glad we did!!! we went most nights and converted all the pals we made on holiday into the downtown cheese (guys included!)
only complaint i have is that it gets f**ki!g roasting when its packed, so pick your spot near the door for fresh air.
i miss downtown....

Club 18-30 - (Tour Operators on Kos)

Celine D  (19 August 2005)         

we went to kavos last year with club 18-30 and our rep jodie was s**t as was the trips so we were not even going to humour the reps this year....but when we arrived in kardamena at the harriets, leanne was such a darling (and steve the rep was so hot!) we thought we'd give them a chance-so glad we did!!! the other rep scott was hilarious. him and leanne were always there and any problems we had were solved straight away. the other rep mark was a bit annoying but some people enjoyed him pushing you in the pool and stuff, if thats your kind of thing...

the trips were all brilliant. the free bars were actually free most of the night, whatever you wanted (take note jodie, kavos) always ended up wrecked. can definitely say doing the rep trips made our holiday. you still have 7 other nights free out of 14 plus the nights ended about half 1 so you were in perfect time to go to starlight for a boogie. most people in the apartments tend to go on the trips so you get to know everyone pretty well.
only bad thing was our flight was delayed 4.5 hours on the way home so we spent all night in the shanty airport and basically the teenage mutant ninja turtle lookalike rep (cant remember her name) just pissed off and left us, didnt bother to find out what was happening or anything.