Crackers - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kate G           

we loved crackers... got back this morning and wished we were back!!  it was the last bar we went to and we didn't want to leave! there's such a wicked atmosphere.. especially when butch and chris begin their rendition of the music man (flute flute flute......!!!) and old macdonald had a farm... you legends!!  the staff were wicked.... we loved gary, he was wicked to talk 2 and made such a lovely hawaiian girl.....! nia is a sweetheart and so is tom.....!!!  everyone at crackers was wicked... make sure you get a dogs bollocks, guranteed to get u f*cked!

iwewanna go back!!!  hope the staff at crackers remember us as we'll remember them... if it helps, we were bunnies last week and called ourselves "rampant rabbits........!!"
gary - hope that you do get someone to wax your bum on the street........
take care guys!!!

Downtown - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kate G           

Me and Jen loved DOWNTOWN!!!! Was there every night for a week (we were there for 2!) and absolutely loved it!!!

James the Cat and Dan (cash me in keith) were wicked and fun to talk to... they better remember us!  Just don't call James "James the Cat" otherwise he'll get angry!
Florence, the dirtiest little bouncer I've ever met, grinds with all the women he sees fit, Peter is so tall but a lovely guy, Gabriel.... awww Gabriel, what a legend... such a lovely barman....
but anyway, downtown was amazing... everyone is up 4 a giggle and u can see some crazy dancing!!
We'll miss u guys!!
Jennie and Katie

Marios - (Bars in Kardamena)

Kate G           

ahhhh.... Mr Snowball.... what more can I say....... *sigh*


Club 18-30 - (Tour Operators on Kos)

Kate G  (31 July 2005)         

I wanna go back!! The reps were soooo cool..... we stayed in the Harriets and there was a great atmosphere... we had such a good time girl, lianne and scott the ultimate in lazy rep!!! he was either by the pool or in it all day!!  Mark from Stella Maria would always crop up sometime during the day and would always irritate us but, hey, thats what he was there for!!!  The other reps were wicked....

although the excursions are pricey, they are worth it... especially the free bar at cabaret. just make sure u dont throw up on the coach home and have to pay 100 euros...... (scott, i still blame u....!!)
anyway, 18-30's is wicked......!!!

Snack Attack - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Kate G           

Tasty Corner was amazing!!  We stayed for two weeks and discovered it in the second... wish we found it in the first!!!  We ended up going there for lunch and dinner on some days but nearly lunch every day... 

The food was tasty good!!  I lived on chips and thousand sauce (they always remembered my order!!) but sometimes had a very tasty chicken, mayo and sweetcorn baguette... so good......!!!!!
When you go to Kos, you have to visit Tasty Corner, it will make ur holiday even better!!!

Harrietts Apartments - (Accommodation in Kardamena)

Kate G           

Got back from Kos last week and wished we were back!! 

Harriets had a good atmosphere and god bless the 24 hour bar... I was usually one of the last to go to bed at 8am.  The atmosphere by the pool was good and there are plenty of sunbeds to go around.  Theres also good music to listen to during the day.
We had a maid but hardly ever saw her, she only changed my sheets about 3 times in 2 weeks!!
On first impressions, our room was horrible but it kind of grew on us.  Sadly, our window didn't lock so one morning we woke up and there were loads of boys in our room!!  My bed broke on the first night and wasn't fixed... ended up dragging my mattress into my cousins room cos the bed kept collapsing.  Get a safety deposit box tho cos we had a lot of stuff nicked from our room.....
All in all tho, I had a wicked holiday and the atmosphere makes it all better.....!!!!!!!