Kardamena Resort - (Resorts on Kos)

Deeside B           

good afternoon. deesude boys here. jst got bak from 2 weeks in the elga!!! starting from the 13th july, bloody lovely!! it was by far the best time we've ever had ever anywhere. the hotel was spot on, the staff in and around the resort wer equally top notch. the people we meet wer great and most of us are thinking about returning nxt yr 2 work for the summer. if ne1 is goin in the near future, u have to hit the following places amonst others... POISON (extreamly cheap smirnoff vokda!!), CRACKERS (try the dogs bollox), C'VIEW (get pat to sort u out wiv a free bottle of sambucca and get the PRs on the gas chambers), TOXIC (try the reef challenge) and crossroads (the finest selection of waitresses and the niceset vodka jellies in town). then hit a club then bak 2 the hotel SEVA for a very late bar!!

if ne1 has jst been abd seen or met us is us a holla, also does any1 know the name of the song that has the words "hype hype push it, hype hype push it"?????
many thanks to every1 we seen and can remember and 2 all we seen wen too drunk 2 remember. mite c u agen sometime!! take care love the deeside boys xxx

Poison - (Bars in Kardamena)

Deeside B           

a great playlist as luke sed, but wot really sells the bar is the cheapest smirnoff vodka in town, non of the cheap greek tat, awesome place to start the night!!