Players Lounge

Bars in Kefalos

Sarah W          10/10

players bar is the best bar by farrrrr!

me & cath cant believe we have been home 4 a month tdayy!!
we miss yoo all sooo much!!! thank you 4 makin our holiday the best holiday ever!!
we had soooo much fun! fishbowls of sex on the beachh, very strong free shots , and dancin on the bar!!click to enlarge
the staff in players are soooo amazin they are the best people you will ever meet! smiler the dj played the best music ever! you can request any song you want (within reason hehe) and he will do his best to play it 4 you! everytime i hear bobby valentino - anonoymous , omarion - ice box , kelly rowland - like this , mary j blige ft ludicris - runaway love & david guetta - love is gone it makes me sad cozzz they wer mine and caths holiday songzz! but they also make us happy coz we had such an amazin time!!
dimitri the main bar man was the best he is the main man & a total legend!! love the pic of me & cath with him.  his two sexy girls he called us hehe!!click to enlarge
thanks to dimirti & chris 4 all the free shots , fishbowls & cant forget the sexy players tops we got! wore them with pride on holiday hehe! linzi was like a big sister to me & cath she told us who's hot & who's not hehe!! emily , natalie & younger dimitri you wer great tooo!!
we cannot forget the regular 'greeks' to the players bar louis & george & billy omg miss you three soooo much!! louis
was like a brother to me (sarah) wile i was ther & he luked like christiano ronaldo hehe! george is just a legend who laffed & imitated my laugh wen i was drunk hehe , and we cannot forget billys sexyyy car!! what a legend!
cant wait to see you all again!! hopefully we will be back in september!! me & cath are doin our best to get money to come last min!! but if we dont get back in september we will definately be back june/july 08!!!
miss you all & love you all so muchh!!!
click to enlargesarah . . . & . . . cath

Heather S          10/10

hey guys!!!

not long now to me and nadine r bk!!!
went to kefalos last yr on my 1st hol with my friends and was nevr out players . . . so decided to go bk for 4 weeks this year TongueSmile this is the best bar in kefalos by a mile! evry1 there is so friendly and all up for a gd time! cnt wait to c evry1 again!
so any1 thats goin to kefalos in august - cya there!!!

Fraire A          10/10

heya everyone! coming back to kefalos in 11 days and i cant wait to come back to the players lounge!!!! i practically lived in there at night time last yr with nat and everyone! cant wait to come back!!! bringin my mate nic this yr tht should be a laugh!! it a fab place to go!!!see u all soon!! x x x

Carla W          10/10

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We've been ome a week nw  bk in cold &&* rainy WALES ! x &&* were missin yo0o all so0o0o0o much  x just want 2 book a flight &&* come bk out there wiv yo0o guys  x
Wen we 1st went out in Kefalos we fort it waz dead &&8 tha it waz goin 2 b a borin holiday  but then we gor told about  PLAYERS   x &&* we just wlked in ordered our drinks x &&* they made us feel so welcome  x they dnt treat yo0o lyk customers x they treat yo0o mre lyk m8s  x and after tha we went there every nyt x cz we enjoyed ir so much  x &&* we tryed out tha otha bar Sydneys x but it just doesnt compair 2 Yo0o x They avent gor tha staff &&* atmosphere tha yo0o av  x
&&* we wuld lyk 2 say fnxo0o 4 all tha free stuff we ad  x we av both wore our players tops out !! n every1 waz lyk wheres tha then ?? n we waz lyk ITS ONLY THA BEST BAR IN KEFALOS  x
Tha people who made our holiday were ---->  DAMETRI 1  -  CHRIS  -  SMILER  -  LINDZY  -  D-D-D-D DANNY DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH  -  EMILY  -  DAMETRI 2  &&* EVERY1 ELSE x
&&* altho they dnt wrk there we miss  LOUIS  &&*  GEORGE  aswel x
&&* would jus lyk 2 say YOoO WAH ?! or YOoO WISH WAH ?!
~~ X  x ** LvsYo0oSoMuch ** x  X ~~
** Miss Carla ** &&* ** Miss Rachael **
   X  x.........*<3*..........x  X

Louise B          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargeAmazing amazing amazing... cant believe im back in london again... was such an awesome holiday - definitely go to Players if  you get a chance... hopefully i will be back again in September!!! xxxx

Bitchy B          10/10

Krazy Karen below is obviously out of her mind!!!  Player's Lounge is the hottest spot in Kefalos.  It is  hands down the best place to party.  Karen is probably one of those old fat ladies that likes to drag her ass to Sydneys cause no one will give her a 2nd looks at Player's, cause of all the beautiful people it is packed with!!!!  Anyway, if you are looking for a great party with lots of fun and great people Player's Lounge is the place to be.  Oh and the foul odor she is referring to is probably coming from her ass cause I have been to Player's many times and have never heard anyone complain of such a thing....

Jade           9/10

click to enlargeMe n mi mates fort players woz top. serious amounts ov alcohol supplied but not alot ov fit lads, a few but not alot. Goin bk to see em all in July gunna be messier than last time xx


Krazy K           

If you like vast quantities of alcohol,  then this is probably the bar for you.  If you drink moderately or not at all you are likely to notice that it is dirty,  smelly and not terribly entertaining.  The dance floor is small.  I found this place lacking in character and fun and I got a little irritated with the staff telling me I must drink quickly (presumably so I would get my purse out again).  If you want to get very drunk I'm sure you'll love it,  otherwise don't bother.


Player's Lounge.............

well what can i say?..........
Slightly rare, sometimes sexy, always funky!
if your looking for a quality night out then venture down to player's. Hip but unpretentious, player's is a gloabal hit with visitors from both England and America. you'll see the weekends jammed out with the locals who are more than happy to party the hours away alongside you.  
if sophistication equals style without arrogance then player's fits equation perfectly! whether you're there to admire the scenery ( which i must say there's alot of ) while sipping on a cosmopolitan, or there to shake your thang, Player's is place to be.
Best thing about player's is; you never know what you're going to get but you can guarantee quality & a friendly crowd wose on same vibe as you.
Indulge, i did, and went back for seconds!  

Jade M           

hay its been atleast a month n half since i wen 2 kos but omg it was the best holiday i ave ever been on n i already wrote 2 u once on ere but im missin u all sooooooo much i just had 2 say eloo agen missing every1 linzi claire teddy dimitri billy george n every1 else ( billy if u c this txt me! ask claire or linzi 4 my num coz ive tryed 2 contact u but my fone keeps fukin upor if ur on msn thn my addy is ) n every1 who reads this i wuld def recommend u go 2 kos its the best place u can go especially wiv players being there. every1 is just soo friendly u neva wanna leave and gd old dimitri wiv the free shots omg they blow ur hed off if u go there ave 1 well u avent got a choice reli lmfaoooo claire n linzi r always c*mmin round with the shots!! i am def going bk there nxt yr wivout a doubt n e way i got 2 go or i will just be chattin all day!! o yer hears sum pics of my memories of kos  click to enlarge

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Ian A           

Players bar is by far the best place to drink on Kos. Just come back from a great two weeks in Kefalos of which i spent every night in Players. Just wana say a big THANKYOU to Dimitri n Linz who are absolutley brilliant. I have so many stories to tell about this place i could probably write a book instead i can only advise people to go there as its an amazing bar. Dimitris one of the coolest guys ive ever met (Even though my girlfriend had a crush on him).The atmosphere is so good its unbelievable and by the end of the holiday i felt like a true friend to many of the people there. This place is a refreshing change to all the places where you are just a customer (no matter how busy it is). One night the group i was with ventured into Kardamena and believe it or not we came back early just for Players. Hope to keep in touch with everybody there and that means you Dimitri. Even if it does take three weeks for you text back!

Cant wait to get back there next year and see the gang again.
My hearts with every one i met there take care and see you all soon.
    Ian & Kathryn!!!!!!!!!

Sayda A           


I just wanted to say hola to all the wonderful people i met in players and have been missing soo so much! However this is not a problem as i KNOW i will be seeing you all again, and soon i hope!
Dimitri- my brother is still planning to come and work with you next year, and i hope the hat is still waitin for us! ooh- and keep the bar clean for me, i will be bringing my dancing skills bak with me- so be redy!
Thank you for an unforgetable time in Kefalos!
Lots of Love and Kisses, sayda and kyle X
P.S - and when any of you come over to London, contact us and we shall take you for a drink, we owe you one... or more! X


i just got back from kefalos this morning and i already miss players! its the best bar there by far free shots n drinks all nite long! i already miss all the hot guys dimitre,manoli,billy,teddy,mikey,pete,chris and the guys from survivor! i would definately go back next year cos it wos brill!!!it went in far 2 quick though i wanted 2 stay last nite instead of coming back to scotland! anyway definately go there n dont let anyone talk u into goin 2 sydneys cos its s**t!

Chloe s           

omg  how f**king awsome was this place i love u all claire n linzi (bar crew) the most ur both a f**king great laugh id advise n e 1 2 go there 4 a gd night out.n also miss every1 who was there in our gang n if u don no who i am i was the 1 who was callin every1 s**ts lol. n e way he club is brilliant n especially the free shots. n guess wa 2 every1 at players me n jade will c u next year hopefully. n e ways gonna lv u n leave u all luv u n miss u chloe (every1 r s**ts) xxxxxx

Jade M           

iyaa i went 2 kefalos 4 2weeks wiv my cuzin n if was brilliant the best holiday i have been on and players lounge is the best club i ave ever been 2 i will miss every1 especially linzi, claire, macala, teddy, billy,george and dimetree (all the dimetree's) i would definatly go there agen every1 is friendly and i love thm all if u want a brill holiday go there!!


Nums N           

This bar is a must !!! On our first night at Kefalos, after getting worried about how quiet it was, me and my best mate Stella followed the music ( which was Maneater - Nelly Fetado ( or however you spell her silly name ) and found Players. And then on every single night of our relaxing holiday was not so relaxing anymore. Dimitri, Chris, Linzi and Michaela made OUR holiday. The music was the best, but the company of the bar workers was even better. I agree with other people who said you come away from this place feeling like you have made new friends. I only got back yesterday, and as tired as i was all i wanted to do was go back to Players, drink and dance and have fun.

Cheers guys, for being so lovely, and making it the best holiday ( i would even put up with the awful hangovers to be back with you guys again), also thanks for waking us up occasionly ( the press ups stella got were ace) and making sure we got home safely every night too.
Hope 2 c u again.

Beth J           


Me n my best mate Jo have just come bk from a fab 2 weeks in Kefalos n it just wouldn't have been the same without players! We went t Kardamena n prefered players by far! It wo wicked t c every1 from last yr :Dimitri- don't tell my dad anything! Mikey- glad u got over the tooth! Vaseline n Nicolas- don't worry we will be bk next yr! George- c u after the army, don't drop yr soap! Manolis- didn't know u were so dirty minded! Manos- cutest grin in Kos! N all the people we didn't meet last year! Chris- poser! Michaela- come bk next year we miss u! Valentino n John- next year will be gr8! Jim from magic beach- cheers for the ice creams! If u go t Kos go here- gr8 tunes, drinks n some sexy players!

I'm goin to Kavos tomoz (I like my hols!) n id way prefer t come bk t kefalos instead! Def be back next yr!
Beth xx

Rene S           


Okay, so I have just arrived in London after the most amazing week in Kefalos!! Sitting here now, back at work just a few hours after still partying with the most gorgeous (and sweetest I‘ve ever met) guys at Players Lounge… and I just want to go back!

Just want to say huge thanks to Dimitri for making our time there so SUPER…(even though we probably drove him mad not wanting to leave players lounge at 5:00 in the morning hehe) and the rest of you guys Sortires, Chris x , Costas, Snoop doggy dog & Mr. New York with the sexy dance moves (shyte I forgot your name!! L) party hard through summer & if any of you ant to come visit in London or South Africa let me be the first to know ; I’ll also post those photos I took later on so have a look out..


To everyone else..If you go anywhere near the Greek islands..GO TO PLAYERS LOUNGE IN KEFALOS !!!! There is seriously few places that you will have as good a time as you will there..






Players Lounge was the best place to be in Kefalos at night even if the long island iced teas are LETHAL!   Me and my friend Verity spent the best two weeks out here recently and started the dancing off when no one else would haha!  Linzi is ace and can handle drinking everynight better than anyone i have ever met! Dimitri makes sure the shots keep flowing and all the rest of the staff are really friendly and up for a laugh, they make you feel really welcome and you miss them all when you eventually have to get down from dancing off the bar, pack your bags and say bye!
love you all missin you already!
Nat xx

Danny S           

To all my fellow players, although i didnt stay again this year to work, the 2 weeks i was there saw the launch of Kefalos' best bar by far. Anybody thinkin of dropping down for a drink will not be disappointed. In players, you are not treated as a number, by the end of your holiday, all of us like to class you lot as friends, that is why our bar has the regulars coming back and back.

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and people who join us for the party every night, looking forward to keeping in touch with staff and friends over the winter till we start to rock again over the summer 07 with me along for the ride again. Dimitri, my brother, If you need me, give me a call, Since being back a week, starting to regret coming back home! either way, gonna come back out for 2 more weeks come September so its not all bad.
Dont need to say anyone specific, im missing you all and you know who you all are
Will see you all sooner than you might think..... you never know with me!
Dannyboy x
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Lynne H           

come on!!!!all fans of dimitri and the players lounge.our favourite host is having things a bit rough this season.he needs your support.go give him a hug or handshake or just get him to have a drink.hopefully by the time i've posted this,the bar will be up and running again.

best wishes dimitri and good luck for the rest of the season

James W           

click to enlarge

hey guys dunno if any of ya remember me the esex boy from fomford n e wai n e 1 who was there when i was check the pics on my website or add me on msn n website

Laura B           


Well its been nearly 3 months since we got back from sunny ol' Kefalos! Had the best time while we were there (July 14th-28th) and if I had the chance i'd do it all over again, its a beautiful place. As for Player's Lounge, its definitely the best bar in Kefalos - its got everything, just felt like we were in a bar back home. The peeps that worked there were really nice and made us feel so welcome! I even found some pics of you guys... lol!

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Lisa H           


Gotta agree wit Dan! Players, Kefalos and the people are all mint in general.! Hi Fred, Lil em, n every1 in general! thanks for a mint 5 wks

Dan S           

well im sitting here in a dingy internet cafe watching my golden tan fade... good god y'all, this is depressing s**t!

well from holiday maker one year to being a true player the next, this summer has been one to remember! the only thing that has cheered me up is that i have found about £1000 quid in my bank i didnt know i had so i have been living it up since i got back sunday! dimitri, the red vodka was gone by monday night! *burp*.... i need rehab... or maybe a kebab, either would help in these desparate times! p.s, big em, still got your red thong i streaked in... dont worry i washed it!
dimitri, linzi, smiler, manolis, mitzo, toni, stoz, plus my adopted family living in plaza da players across the road and all the locals who basically adopted me as one of there own.... i miss the laughter.... you would have thought living with 9 girls would be a mans dream..... oh how wrong was i ! just kidding, i miss seeing all those boobies in the morning!
i cannot speak more highly of this place and kefalos or kos... never have i found a place where everybody is so friendly and takes you in as one of their own...
well, im off to a job interview... me in an office talking sensibly?!?! i dont know if i can do it...
till next year folks, keep in contact and i will see you all very soon......
love dan x
p.s fred..... eh eh eeeehhh
p.p.s, lil em, told you i would win that bet

Louise S           

Halloo! its louise from carlisle, bin meaning to put a message on here a while now, but never have seemed to have the chance! Seems so long ago since  was there at the players lounge, got back 4th sept, so it was!!! Mainly really jus to apologise to evryone that i never came back to say bye to everyone, you were all well nice ppl including smiler  who made you feel so welcome- one of the best pool partners i ever had, taking into consideration that i am so unbelievably crap! sorry we lost because of me  i honestly didnt mean to pot two of the other sides balls!(i was injured-bee sting memba!). Didnt mean to turn down those late night lifts(not that i didnt trust your driving!) but you know what its like with an overprotective brother! i wuda lurved a ride on your yellow scooter! The music was mint, n lurved it wen a bit o motown came onalso to thank the barman who gave the free drinks- don't have a name but that was well nice, keep partyin away, 

hopefully see you all soon kisses to all
Louise xmwahx

Sarah H           

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I have to say I became addicted to this place!

The cocktails were excellent, the company was great, and the music matched this.  Very tempted to visit next year!

Never a sober moment!!!
pictured...Gareth and a line up of shots
Sarah from Essex xXx


omgggg best place in kefalos evaaa!!!had so much fun every nyt!thanx so much all u lot 4 actuali makin our holiday gud!!...nd 4 all the free shots  def gunna b c*min back next summer!!

c u all next year, missin all u already and love yu all loads
 linzi x x x x x x x x x x x x

Amelia G           

One of the few v lively bars in the resort of Kefalos.  Some of the staff are English and are all very friendly (do not attend this bar if you want a quiet drink and to be left alone!).

We had a great night here.  You immediately feel part of the 'bar community' and there were several offers of free shots. Excellent!




Leah M           

missin evry1 already! jst gt bk wish i stayed longa! dan ur jkes hun! n thnks 4 tkin the p**s outta me! lol! ill always b known 2 u as spoongal!  or the worst playa at pool!! woteva lol! wish i was still there! nxt yr hope 2 c u there! lol! this yr was gr8 thnks 2 u guys! love yas! xxx spoon gal! xxxx

Hollie H           

ello babys!!!!! its beckie, sophie and hollie aka steamers!! just came back (2nd july 10th july 05) and love it so much we will be coming back as a team in september 05 babys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss you all very much (especially dr love aka demetri, linzi- fitto!! mikey- u like that baby? smiler- that smiley boy danny still awaiting the t-shirt- and antonis- ela and every one else get your baps out or fook off!!!!!!!!!))) stuart even tho your not ther anymore come back and let me take you from behind!!!!!!!!!!

love you babies see you in september you better b ther!!
sophie beckie hollie
hope ur still loving the hair cut linz

Welsh L           

The only Bar in Kefalos, Sorry to seem over confident, but why would you go anywhere else?

So how do you completely revolutionise a greek bar, How do you put every other bar in a resort to complete and utter shame, How do you guarantee a guest to return to your bar every night for their whole holiday, How do you? Can't tell you the secret, but I can invite you to find out.
A team / The Family
A Boss - Dimitry, the Gaffer, The Man wi the plan, Pyrotechnics got nowt on this guy, trust me.
A Brother - Manolis, He pushes buttons, I dare a lady to tell me they don't fancy him!
A Rock - Linzi, the Rock wi the Rack, Yeah but no but yeah but, Love ya Linz
A DJ - Smiler, Dance off, i dare you to challenge, He got the moves!
And me, tho now retired, Barman / Socialiser / Pool Shark / Sambuca addict!
Wot a chapter, Ever tried being deliriously happy for 6 months solid? Try it, and if you can't, sample it for your holiday with these guys! I met so many people, The good, the bad, the ugly, and the drop dead gorgeous! I got some wicked stories to tell my grand kids!
If I accidentally gave you a wrong number, or completely forgot our ever meeting, then I am truly sorry, please don't be bitter!!!!!! Just  put it down to me being Welsh and more than likely really merry on the sambuca!!!
I love being Me, coz i got to spend my summer watchin and helpin Players Lounge make SO many people's holiday.
It has been an absolute pleasure, I will return. This is the sexually immaculate Welsh Lad signing out. Laters Bro

Welsh L           

The only Bar in Kefalos, Sorry if Seem over confident, but why would you go anywhere else?

Big up the Smiler, ask him to dance, I dare you! The guy is a legend. Linzi mou, the rock with the rack!!!.
Manolis push buttons and The big man Dimitry, the gaffer, the man wi the plan. My family.
How to revolutionise greek bars in one season, can't tell you the secret, you gotto visit and find out for yourself.
As a bar man / socialiser / pool shark / sambuca addict, Wot a chapter, boy have i got some stories to tell my grandkids! The perks, over 9 months met the good, the bad, the ugly, and the drop dead gorgeous.    If i accidentally gave you the wrong number, or completely forgot our meeting, Please don't be bitter. Sambuca does that you!!!
Once again a pleasure to be part of the future, this is your hygenically and sexually immaculate welshman/boyo/malacca/Gareth signing out.

Sam K           

Just wanted to know if that welsh lad Gareth was working there this year. Had a great time with him last summer while I was on holiday with my family. Tried to call him to a few times this winter but it seems he gave me a wrong number. Just to let him know, thanks for popping my cherry and thanks for the trip I had to make to the clap clinic. Holiday to remember.

Natalie and mahben            

If you go to Kefalos and fancy going to a chilled out, friendly bar with the best music then Players louge is your place. I can't understand why anyone would feel out of place or dislike this place. The staff are really friendly and down to earth, good for a chat and the bar staff make heavy cocktails!

DJ Smiler, is the best DJ in Kefalos, never hear a tune you don't like when your there and basically you are always guaranteed to leave smiling. The staff keep you feeling at ease and you literally will not want to bother going to any other bar.
Its not even just a good bar at night, during the day its just as chilled - you can play pool or just sit down and enjoy a bud and a good view!
We just got back yesterday and miss the atmosphere already - hope to see you guys soon!!
Nat and Mahbs xx

Gemma P           

Hey to everyone at players lounge (linzi, lucy, demitris, stuart, mikey, smiler), its keeley and gemma here (the welsh girls who don't really sound welsh!!). We were so sad to leave!! Even though we only spent 3 proper nights with you all, you made them so fantastic that we really didn't want to go. Thanks for making our holiday, we'd love to come back next year but we'd have to bring keeley's baby!!

Amy S           

I loved it last year when i came- hope its as good when i come out with the girls next week! Looking forward to your famous 'Sex on the beach!' again xx

Lynne L           

I felt a little uncomfortable in this bar as it was the main hang out for the Locals, and although I'm sure it was not intentional, I felt like an intruder.

Adam F           

Caling all summer 2004 players lounge crew,(you know who you are) Trying to organise a workers reunion back in the uk tel Adam ( yes thats the skinny white dude with burned feet who worked at the waterclub) 07950830221 or e-mail Jenna,Dai,Nick,Lindz,Becca,Garath if your reading this get in touch some pikey nicked my phone with your numbers on it, Peace!

Emma S           

i didn't just like this place i loved it i worked as a rep in kefalos all summer and i was like part of the funiture the fantastic people i met the sexy,funniest welsh man with only 8inches gareth,daddy warbucks dimitris that never saw the sun,the sexy smooth and sophisticate lady of the place ie THE BOSS linzi when she said jump the boyz said how high,the main man flipping his discs dj smiler,and the man that offers sex in the beach for 2 euros or sex in the toilets for free the one and only smooth talking manolis love you guys and girls emma x

Nick G           

well boys n girls, sounds like the seasons drawing to an end, im only sorry i was unable to see it through till then. working at players made for one of the best summers i'v had!!! nothing but love for the worker crews and hello again to all the holiday makers, and thanks it was fun to all those special holiday makers ;o)
a quick run through to the nearest and dearest: linzi (sister,mother,wife,me b***h and last but not least cousin) great workin with you, thanks for all the times you let me weigh your tits and only get a slap occasionally. smiler, fellow london boy, thanks for all the times you played 'baby got back'- too cool a tune! i shall miss our sambucca breaks. manolis, i'll give you that arm wrestle next year (how u do that?i push button). gareth, wing-men till the end brother, never had a better partner in crime, f***ing luv you man! finally, the boss man, dimitris, literally more like a brother than a boss, the original player!i dont even need to say no more, he da man!!!
see you all again next summer at the undisputed, best place in kefalos....we gonna have us some fun!
its been emotional...

Phil K           

Thats better

Phil K           

Just like to say Nice 1 to all the crew @ Players. Best bar in
Kefalos by far! Big thanks to Gareth for all his tips on places to

Phil & Sarah

Louise L           

Players was THE best bar in Kefalos! You can't really forget us...well you better not!
We are the drunken threesome plus our grumpy friend!!
The men are excellent especially the yummy boat know who we mean!!
We met so many nice people in Players - Nick etc haven't text our friend yet you naughty boy!!!
lots of love
Louise, Mae, Caroline and Hayley
(25th Aug - 8th Sept)xxx
P.S. We'll be back next year, you lucky lot!!!

Pete C           

A BIG thank you to all you guys at Players! We had a fantastic time while we were there! Great bunch of people at the best bar in Kefalos!
Wicked music and even better cocktails!!
All the best to Lindsey and Gareth (Swansea for the FA Cup!)and the rest of the crew. Take it easy guys!!
P.S - hope the John Smiths is going down well with the blue rinse shelias!!

Pete & Donna x x x

Peter T           

i luved it all. it was by far the best summer i had. you guys are the best, the coolest f*ckers i ever met. linzi you have beautiful breasts. gareth you are the english casanova there isnt a piece that was not touched, your the f*cking man and last but not least smiler. the worlds best dj. he is, he really guys did make my summer ofcourse all those jelly shots and beer helped out a lot. it was great. great friends great times, and we will do it again. good luck to you peoples with anything you do. MAD CRAZY LOVE FROM NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam F           

If you want to go to a bar that is pumping, full of fit birds with great music and
staff this is the only place in Kefalos you need to step foot in, Ladies and
Gents i give you Players Lounge. I spent 4 Months Living and Working in
Kefalos (Big up Water Club@Paradise Beach crew) and this is the only bar i
stayed loyal to, Great atmosphere, brillaint staff (Lindzi (xx) Smiler ;)
Garath(Slag) Nick(Also a Slag) Dai (Wannabe Slag) Demetri & Manolis, i take
my hat off to players lounge as one of the best bars that i have visited and
believe me i have been to a lot of bars (Must remember AA meeting tues)
Peace and love to Players crew keep up the good work, see you next summer

Helen K           

the only bar to go in kefelos, great music smiler, replaced r&b cd after bn ripped off by u !! ha ha, Great atmosphere friendly people hello to everyone who works there. could u also say hello to yanni (dolphin pool bar) tried to e mail smiler but ended up with someone in northern ireland!!! not too near kos !!
dont forget about brum in october!c u soon x

Fred R           

the best bar in kefalos by far. dj smiler pumps out the tunes as always. dimitri the one
and only. top man. gareth is a diamond geezer (gareth dont forget about laura walking
into the glass doors). nick good joke with the cockroach. linzi mad as always. di please
try and remember the greek i teach you because i cant be a**ed to keep repeating it
especially when i'm pissed off of the huge fishbowls. i can hardly remember myself.
manoli 'how you do that'. i love players bar.

Nick B           

Had a great time at the player's lounge. Easily one of the best and most liveliest bars in Kefalos. The fire on the bar is a nice touch even though u did have to move yourself when they did it. Had some great evenings here, the staff are really friendly and service is brilliant. And lads if u want girls dancing on the bar then come here!! (even though they were my neighbours at the chrysoula apartments hehe) Cheers everyone at Players!!

Leonie, B           

Hiya to everyone from the three welsh gitls! thank you so much for great nights here. best bar in kefalos by far! Thanks to gareth, nick, manolis, dimitri and di for keepin the place buzzing til the early hours. and thanx to smiler for those great tunes which got us dancin on the bar!
great sambuka too!
If anyone goes to kefalos without spending nights in players, you should regret it!
we'll be back soon hopefully xx

Danny S           

No doubt the best bar in Kefalos,

Linzi: The hostest with the mostest, cant ride scooters to save her life but has a cracking bum and will keep a smile on your face all night! No doubt the best barmaid and most popular girl on the island, this girl needs a yellow pages to keep track of how many friends she has!

Gareth and Nick: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the new double act for the 21st century!!! Little and Large, Cannon and Ball, Kylie and Jason.... these people havent got a thing on these 2 boys potential! These boys will keep the party going till the early hours and then probably back at theirs oi oi

Smiler: the resident DJ, the man with the plan (but sadly no tan), he will keep your booty shaking all night long with up-to-date and fresh tunes and has a liking for Milfs..... Daughters, lock up your mothers!!!

George and Manoli: you both suck at football, I want a rematch!

Dimitri: The man who looks like a tanned Dr Evil behind the bar is the boy who keeps it all together, smokes 120 marlboro red a day and is basically a top notch bloke.... let the good times roll party people!!!These people make this the best bar by far to go too

Carole S           

Without doubt THE PLACE to spend your nights in Kefalos. Thanks Dimitri and your hard-working staff (Lindsay, Gareth, Nick, DJ Smiler, George and Manoli ... and Philip the Lizard, yes a lizard not a person ;0))Where do they get their energy???
The best cocktails and vodka jellies and great mix of people every night, locals and holidaymakers and workers alike.

Great week thanks to you all, we will return
Love Carole and Danny

Jo S           

This is the best bar in Kefalos!!! All the staff are wicked, very friendly, lots of free sambucas! Slippery nipples were the best though!!! If you are a girl, gorgeous barmen, if you are a boy, mental girls dancing on the bar whilst it's on fire! We had an excellent time thanks to all the guys especially Lindsey, Smiler, Gareth and Nick you made our holiday!

Hayley, Jo and Laura


we went to kefalos last week of june and players outshined the rest of the bars. on our last night players lounge had a fab beach party, where guys had to wear hawain shorts and flowry shirts and the ladies had to wear bikinis. you can imagine. there had wet t-shirt compatition on the outside bar, where the staff get up and this one girl Becca gave it her all, she looked after us all night gave us shots, got us dancing and made sure we were at the front wen a big melon came out filled with vodka. thanks becca you made our holiday.

Tom C           

we looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved this bar if your a group of lads on a holiday u def have to visit this bar.the staff are totty and get involved with ur night out.they show u around the island and tell u all the best places to b, but we didnt want to leave most nights we stayed there till 5 in the morning .
free shots and lots of fruit punches.
go there!

Hannah W           

I had a great time in the bar-loved the free shots and the really fit barmen!
Id love to come back another time.x

Rebecca M           

The place to be in kefalos!!! Its funky, chic and the staff are the best around, if you want fun or a relaxed drink this is the place for you.
oh and lads, if you like wet t-shirt comps you will see plenty here.
If you leave kefalos without visting 'players' you will regret it!
Thanks Dimitris.
I will be working there again in August 2004

Jacki H           

Great bar, it was worth all the hard work Dimitri !!

See you soon

Jacki H           

Great bar but don't tell Yiannis
Dimistri has worked very hard to get this bar up and running and has done a great job.

Gareth G           

Best bar in kefalos, music great, staff great, Dimitri the owner is a star, the only choice for a good night out. Try the illusions.......

D P           

Great place, great atmosphere and great people.
A place to relaxe, drink and dance till dawn.
A different bar for everybody...

J B           


Lynne H           

a great new bar for kefalos.owned by dimitri,late of sebastians restaurant.this bar is something completely different.guess you could say it has an american style.
dimitri and his staff work hard to make everyone welcome
the bar is also wheelchair friendly with a low ramp and underfloor lighting.
definately not a bar to pass by.